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New Conference Center

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Please contact the Hampshire County Parks and Recreation by phone at (304) 822-7300 from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.--Monday through Friday or by email at to make your rental reservation before processing the credit card transaction.

Groups are restricted to the number of people allowed by the State/County Covid guidelines at the time of the scheduled rental. Follow all State/County Covid guidelines at the time of the scheduled rental. (serving food, wearing mask, social distance, etc.) No alcohol is permitted inside or outside the premises.
No smoking is prohibited in the building.
Maintain noise level that does not disturb other users and/or neighbors.
Refrain from using profanity.
Place all tables/chairs back in storage areas after use.
Proper social distance (six feet apart) must be maintained at all times.
Frequently clean hands and utensils with sanitary wipes, hand sanitizer, or soap and water.
Do not have activities that endanger self or others.
Do not intentionally damage the facilities. Nothing attached to walls (tape or nails).
If you or your party break or notice something broken, report it to the P&R office.
Sweep all floors and place trash in garbage cans located throughout the room.
Please note Users must take trash with them when leaving for the day.

Hampshire Park

121 Hampshire Park Lane

Romney, WV 26757

* There is a 3% plus a variable processing fee for all online credit payments.

* A $100 Deposit will be required. The building will be inspected after use and if all is okay, the Deposit will be refunded.

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