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Youth Basketball Leagues

Late last week, the Governor directed that all interscholastic winter sports will be delayed until January 11. Because of that order, we will have to cancel our two youth basketball leagues, Biddy Buddy and the IBL, for this year. We tried, but the current spike in Covid cases, not only in Hampshire County but throughout the state, necessitated this move. We simply would not have the time nor the facilities to run the program at such a late date.

We rely on the good graces of the Hampshire County Board of Education for the use of their gyms in Romney and Capon Bridge for practices and games. Even if interscholastic and youth sports are permitted after January 11, and that’s certainly no sure thing, there’s still a myriad of problems that we, in cooperation with the BOE, would have to solve in order to hold the program. We have no idea what the status of the virus will be at that point, and we have even less of an idea of what restrictions will be placed on the school facilities. Since we use school gyms, school activities have first priority when it comes to their use. Plus, the schools have the added burden of cleaning and sanitizing their buildings on a regular basis. Our presence four or five days a week would only complicate that dilemma.

Thanks to everyone who registered for the two leagues. Ironically, our registrations were higher at this point than they have been for several years. We know you kids wanted to get out of the house and get some exercise playing a sport that you love, and we would like nothing better than to give you that opportunity, but the risks and problems are just too much to overcome. We look forward to having the two leagues again next year, and we are truly sorry that the situation worked out this way.


HCP&R will be offering a virtual gymnastics class beginning September 5. The class will be held on Saturdays from 7:15 until 7:45 pm on Zoom. The registration fee will be $34 per month, or $9 per session. The class is open to ages 3 and up. If we get more than 6 participants at the same time, we will add another time slot and separate into groups by age. If anyone wants a second class, we will be happy to add more days and times as well. Parents are welcome to watch and/or participate with their kids if they would like. 


The goal of this class is to prepare children for gymnastics by teaching proper warmup and stretching techniques, as well as conditioning, flexibility, and drills. While we are limited without actual equipment, there are still some important and fun exercises we can do before the indoor spaces open back up that will help make progress in the gym easier by creating a strong foundation. The 30-minute online class will focus on strength and basics instead of actual skills and will include a 10-minute warmup/stretch followed by 20 minutes of conditioning/flexibility/drills. Although it won’t be quite as exciting as a full gymnastics class, it will definitely help participants understand how the body positions work, and it will help us hit the ground running once we can start classes inside.


Please wear something soft and stretchy that won’t get in the way of your movement. Bare feet or socks are preferred. If you have something soft to sit on (yoga mat, mattress, or a cushion) for floor-based stretching and exercises, that’s a good idea to have as well. 


Please contact Coach Paula Shaibani if you would like to enroll. Once you get in touch with her and register, you can pay via PayPal, Venmo or Zelle, or if you’d prefer to mail a check, that works too. She will then email you the Zoom link, and we will be ready to go. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Coach Shaibani.


Coach Paula Shaibani

Email: Pshaibani@gmail.com

Call/text: (434) 229-8347

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