Upcoming Programs

Rentals at Old Capon Bridge Middle School

At the request of Superintendent Jeff Pancione and the Hampshire County Board of Education, HCP&R will not be renting the gymnasium at Old Capon Bridge Middle School for the near future. The Board has concerns about outside groups using the gym before or after elementary and middle school students use it. Without proper sanitizing, the risk of germs spreading is very high, and the one thing the Hampshire County Board of Education and HCP&R don’t want to do is cause any kids to get sick. We will inform you when the gym becomes available again. If you have already scheduled a rental for the gym, call us at (304) 822-7300, and we will make arrangements to either refund your money or change the reservation to a later date. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but the safety of our kids always takes top priority. 

We are still making the cafeteria and kitchen at OCBMS available for rentals. Guidelines for their use will be as follows:

  1. Indoor groups are restricted to 100 people or fewer

  2. Frequently clean hands and utensils with sanitary wipes, hand sanitizer, or soap and water

  3. Nothing attached to walls (tape or nails)

  4. Sweep all floors and place all trash in trash cans

  5. Smoking is prohibited on school grounds


New rates for rentals will be as follows:

Four-Hour Block (8:00 am-noon; 1:00-5:00; 6:00-10:00): $150 for Cafeteria (Kitchen included)

Full Day (8:00 am-10:00 pm): $300 for Cafeteria (Kitchen included)

To rent these facilities, call us at (304) 822-7300, or you may contact us via email at hampshirecoparks@hotmail.com. Get your reservation in now so you don’t miss this chance to hold your event in our newly renovated facilities.